First Look – Del Valle Ideal Org

Scientology has announced that the former Organización Desarrollo y Dianética (ODD) in Mexico City will be renovated to become an Ideal Org, to be renamed Del Valle, or “of the valley.” This is not the purchase of a new building, but if the drawing above is to be trusted, Scientology intends to expand this seven-story org building into an eleven-story building. Ideal Orgs must be more than 50,000 square feet, and the existing org appears to fall short of that size. The building is located at Avenida Cuauhtemoc 576, and sits between a car wash and a used car dealer.

The Trial of Hugo Colomba

This video taken inside the offices of American Power and Gas in Seminole, Florida shows a mock “Court of Ethics” for their employee Hugo Colomba. American Power and Gas is a WISE (World Institute of Scientology Enterprises) company, and the founder and CEO is Tom Cummins, one of the largest contributors to Scientology organizations in the world. The company re-sells electricity and gas in states where that is legal, and they are known for aggressive telemarketing and poor customer service. They have a rating of “F” with the Better Business Bureau and are currently shown as having failed to respond to 133 customer complaints in the past year.

The company is run according to the Hubbard Management System, in which an “org board” groups employees into seven Divisions, and subgroups of 21 Departments. All Scientology orgs and missions have the same structure. Hugo Colomba is a native of Argentina, and the Estates Manager for American Power and Gas, meaning he is in charge of maintaining the building. The post is in Division 7 of the Scientology org board, which is the Executive Division. In the video he is being recognized for his work on the Bogota, Colombia Ideal Org. It appears American Power and Gas and Tom Cummins lent their Estates Manager as a contribution to building the Bogota Org. Cummins conducts a mock “Court of Ethics” for Colomba. A real Court of Ethics is an investigation into wrongdoing that could result in a Scientologist being stripped of various awards, or being declared an SP, a Suppressive Person resulting in expulsion from Scientology.

In this case the trial is a humorous pretense, and Colomba is granted time off from his job in order to complete 17 Intensives at the newly opened Bogota Ideal Org to achieve the Scientology level of Clear, in which one no longer has his or her own reactive mind. The company is paying the bill for the Intensives, which are blocks of auditing time of 12.5 hours each. So Colomba is being awarded a total 202.5 hours of auditing in recognition of his hard work on the org building, and is not to return until he is Clear.

Merry Christmas From Scientology

This quote from L. Ron Hubbard comes from the time he was aboard the Apollo planning a return to the United States.

It is only 12 days to Xmas. From midnight last night. How many people aboard know the names of Santa’s reindeer? Certainly the snipes should as they were Santa’s M/Es.

– LRH, 13 December 1974. Orders of the day

Mzansi Fela Festival Welcomes Scientology – The Way To Happiness

The Mzansi Fela Festival is sponsored by the South African Department of Arts and Culture. This month the festival is in Pretoria, and includes performances of Madiba, the African Opera. The opera was written in 2014 to celebrate the lives of Nelson and Winnie Mandela and the fight against apartheid.

Scientology is participating in the festival by distributing a special edition of the L. Ron Hubbard pamphlet The Way to Happiness to audience members. Special covers for the pamphlet are common, but we have never seen one designed for an opera before. Scientologists Robin Hogarth (above, left) and Mohamed Bozzasa distributed the pamphlets at Friday’s performance. Scientologists generally believe that distributing the pamphlet will calm civil unrest, reduce crime and prevent war.

OT9 And 10 Briefing At Mexico City Ideal Org

The Mexico City Ideal Org will host a talk tomorrow night by Chris Baker and Martino Stanzani on the soon-to-be-released levels OT-9 and 10. Stanzani is the former boyfriend of Jenna (Miscavige) Hill, and their relationship led her to try to leave Scientology while in the Sea Org Cadets.

This unique report assists with special speakers that come directly from Flag to tell the ultimate progress and future releases that deal directly with you.

The Ultimate Frontier

OT IX and OT X

Experience Eternity

Chris Baker and Martino Stanzani
are coming to Mexico

Scientology Gives You Super Powers – Like Wolverine

Joshua Wong is a Scientologist living in Sunnyvale, California and is involved in the Scientology front group CCHR Silicon Valley. He has completed the Super Power levels at Flag Land Base in Clearwater, Florida and claims that the process allows him to heal wounds by ordering his cells to repair injuries and remove infections. In the comic books, this power is held by the superhero Wolverine, of the X-Men.

I had an interesting win that I wanted to share with you. One of the 57 perceptics the you drill on Super Power is “cellular and bacteriological position”, which means you perceive the position of the cells and bacteria in your body. Obviously this is a very spiritual perception and not something that you can see, hear, feel, etc. with the body.

When I first read this perceptic, I was like, “Um, no…how do I perceive this?” Doing the drill was hard at first, and I went through some emotions, but after awhile the perception turned on and I was able to perceive this. It is a very interesting perception, being able to perceive the different types of cells in the body, the blood cells moving through the body, the many, many bacteria in and on my body.

Last week I cut my finger while working on a project. I hadn’t paid much attention to it, but today in the morning before course, I looked at it and noticed that the wound was pussing and not showing any signs of healing. This was somewhat concerning to me, so I looked at the area and perceived the cells in the area and what they were doing. I saw that the white blood cells were playing a game of “repelling the invader or infection”, and that no one was actually interested in actually closing up the wound.

So I got in comm with the cells and said to them, “OK cells, I know that you’ve been having a lot of fun with this game, but now it’s time to start growing new cells and repairing this finger. And with any luck, active guy that I am, next week I’ll injure myself in some new area and you’ll have more game to play.” Total time spent on this: about twenty seconds.

By the end of the course period, the wound (which had shown NO signs of healing over a week period) had stopped pussing, closed up, and is now healing nicely.

So: ARC with the body!

Brazil Week On The Freewinds

Last week was Brazil week on the Freewinds in port at Bridgetown, Barbados. We have photos of the Brazilians as they had fun in the sun and clay demo’d their expansion from a mission into an Ideal Org in the Freewinds’ nightclub – the Starlight Lounge. Scientologists frequently build a “clay demo” with little labels telling you what each part is to add “reality” to the project and make it come to frution.

Please Give To Scientology Denver Staff

The holidays are a time of giving to those less fortunate, and staff at the Denver Scientology org would like you to consider donating to them. Stockings have been put on display in the org’s main staircase in hopes that you will assist those in need.

The staff of The Church of Scientology Denver have their stockings hung, come show them that they are appreciated.

Please Buy My Paintings Of Cats

SRD stands for Survival Rundown, an expensive series of “objectives” in which Scientologists perform simple repetitive tasks for many hours. A Scientologist can be required to re-do levels when a new version is released, and many long-time members repeat introductory courses several times.

I am selling my eight paintings of cats all at once.
I need to re-do the SRD and this will be the target of the money.

1 oil on canvas
7 acrylic on wood

– Cláudia Oitavén