Please Buy My Paintings Of Cats

SRD stands for Survival Rundown, an expensive series of “objectives” in which Scientologists perform simple repetitive tasks for many hours. A Scientologist can be required to re-do levels when a new version is released, and many long-time members repeat introductory courses several times.

I am selling my eight paintings of cats all at once.
I need to re-do the SRD and this will be the target of the money.

1 oil on canvas
7 acrylic on wood

– Cláudia Oitavén

Message To Scientologists Regarding Moscow Decision

A Moscow court last week ruled that Scientology does not meet the definition of a religion because it is trademarked by a US corporation, the Religious Technology Center, or RTC. We understand that they intend to appeal the ruling, but in the meantime we have a statement to Russian Scientologists from Pavel Zakharov, an OT-8, founder of the FSM group “Forward,” and now well-known as the man in the courtroom wearing a Scientology cross over his black shirt and suit. We have included both the Russian and Google-translated English versions of his message.

Дамы и господа, ходил недавно поприсутствовать на суд. Но попал в цирк. Конферансье объявлял номера, после чего выступали то профессионалы, поражая своей компетентностью и подготовкой, то клоуны, которые даже как клоуны не были достаточно подготовлены, но смех тем не менее в зале вызывали. В конце конферансье прочитал заключительную часть программы, после чего шоу кончилось.

Ничего из произошедшего ни в малейшей степени не меняет наш основной план А: Процветайте и преуспевайте. Нам не нужен никакой план Б и так далее, нам нужно более настойчиво следовать основному плану и действительно процветать и преуспевать.

Так что все, кто ещё не начал свой следующий курс или действие одитинга, перестаньте лениться и вперёд!

Ladies and gentlemen, recently went to attend the trial. But I hit the circus. Entertainer announcing numbers then were the professionals, hitting their competence and training, the clowns, who, even as the clowns were not sufficiently prepared, but a laugh nonetheless summoned in the hall. At the end of ceremonies read the final part of the program, after which the show was over.

Nothing happened in the slightest degree does not change our basic plan A: thrive and succeed. We do not need no plan B, and so on, we need to more aggressively follow the basic plan and really thrive and prosper.

So that all who have not yet started their next course of action, or auditing, stop being lazy and go!

Narconon Taiwan Goes Ideal

Narconon Taiwan re-opened as an Ideal Narconon today. All Scientology orgs, missions and Narconons are under orders to renovate to meet the Ideal standard. For Narconons, this means minor renovations and a coat of green paint. Only Ideal Narconons can use the green colors. Executive Director Ying Lin (above) officiated at the ceremony. We have more photos from this little-known facility, including the first we have ever seen of the interior.

Joining The Sea Org – Maybe

Candice Nite is on staff at the Sacramento, California Scientology Org. On Sunday she signed a billion year Sea Org contract, but there’s a problem. She needs Scientologists to donate enough money to pay off her debts. Incoming Sea Org members must be debt-free.

On Sunday I joined the Sea org! It wasn’t until that day that I realized that I’ve been tracking with joining the SO for two years. It hasn’t been easy for me to be a Scientologist these last two years, but I kept persisting & my understanding of the truth never wavered. I always had the support of my comrades at Sac. Org.

I know what I’m doing is the most pro-survival thing any being on planet Earth can do!! But I wonder if you may be able to help me arrive?

I have just under $15,000.00 in debt to handle. If you can help, please message me or post here for the number & name of the Flag Reps that I am working with. Even small donations from many thetans add up to BIG wins! I’ve donated to help others arrive Many times & always felt it was for the greater good. Much love to my fellow Scientologists!! We are in this together, and we’ll get out of it together!

Will Candice pay off her debts and join the Sea Org? We understand that a large number of recruits never start the first step in a Sea Org career – the Estates Project Force (EPF) because they are unable to pay off their debts.

Training At Narconon Europe

Narconon Europe in Ramløse, Denmark opened its doors on September 5th, and has been busy since in its role in training the staff of other Narconon facilities.

From Narconon Dimitrovgrad, Russia (above), including Igor Kalennik, Borče Mirčevski and Monika Dimevska.

Among those training from Narconon Macedonia: Jannick Uldall, Borče Mirčevski, Nadja Sidor and Stevco S. Sidor.

From Narconon Turkey in Ankara. The training for these groups has included Objectives processes, including the two shown in videos below from Narconon Turkey. A source was able to tell us more about the processes shown.

In the first one the command is “Give me that hand. Thank you,” and just done over and over and over. The second one is “Put your hands up to mine about 6 inches apart. Follow them, and contribute to their motion.” Then they move. Then, “Did you contribute to their motion? Thank you.”

These are Scientology exercises, and are performed the same way in Scientology missions and orgs around the world.

First Look – Barcelona Ideal Org

Scientology has purchased a new property to become the Ideal Org in Barcelona, Spain. The new property is described as being 4,200 sq.m. of buildings and 21,000 sq.m. of property. Below is a photo of the existing Barcelona org, a small storefront on a secondary street.

We don’t know the location of the new building yet, but at over 5 acres of ground, we think it is on the far outskirts of Barcelona and will not attract any foot traffic. The building size is only 45,000 sq.ft., which is less than the minimum of 50,000 for an Ideal Org. We expect there will be an addition built to bring it up to the Ideal standard.

Volunteers Wanted – Narconon Warner Springs

Narconon Warner Springs is looking for volunteers to help paint and bring the facility up to the Ideal standard that all Narconons are trying to achieve. Warner Springs is located in the San Diego area, and the facility is also known as Fresh Start and Sunshine Summit Lodge. Scientologists can use this opportunity to work on a Liability Amends Project, or for eligibility to start an OT (Operating Thetan) level.

Liability is one of the Lower Conditions established by L. Ron Hubbard, which serve as punishment for Scientologists who violate policy or otherwise upset their superiors. It is the highest of the lower conditions, and a member has to work up the chain of conditions before finishing their punishment. Somebody assigned to Doubt would apply the Doubt formula, then move up to Liability. Part of the Liability formula is “Make up the damage by contributing far beyond the ordinary demands of a group member.” After completion, the Liability Amends Project is voted on, and a majority of the group needs to approve the work done to complete the punishment.

OT Eligility (“elig” below) means that a certain number of points need to be earned before a Scientologist is invited to start an Operating Thetan, or OT processing level. Points can be earned by participating in the org’s OT Committee, or one of the “social reform” groups, such as Narconon, The Way to Happiness, or Foundation for a Drug-Free World. Being invited to start an OT level is a significant accomplishment in a Scientologist’s life.

VOLUNTEER WORK NEEDED! (would be great for someone needing to work on lower conditions and/or elig, or just wants to contribute to a great group!) Narconon in Warner Springs is getting a posh up and some volunteer help is needed for the next 2-3 weeks. Needed are people who can paint or want to learn how, can do light construction and assemble some furniture and similar activities.

It is near Temecula, about a 40 minute drive away and if you can do a few hours in the evening, a day, a weekend or more and want to make a contribution to a really good group this is a way to do it!

Please let me know if you or someone you know is interested and I’ll get you more details and connect you up so you can get started! Thanks so much!

Daina Hogg Cutts

Scientology Volunteer Ministers in Pakistan

Scientology Volunteer Ministers Perwaiz Hasan and Khawaja Junaid have been leading a relief effort for the past few weeks in the region of Shangla in Northern Pakistan. The region was hit by a magnitude 7.5 earthquake on the Pakistan-Afghanistan border on October 26th, leaving more than 300 dead and many injured or homeless. The Volunteer Ministers have been distributing shoes and clothing, demonstrating Scientology’s “touch assist” methods of dealing with pain and injury, and at least one member of the team has enough medical training to perform injections.

Scientology Uses Terrorist Attacks For Fundraising

Scientology is planning to print 250,000 copies of the L. Ron Hubbard pamphlet The Way to Happiness in response to the recent attacks in Paris, France, and would like its members to donate to support the effort. Scientologists generally believe that distributing the pamphlet will calm civil unrest and stop wars. Scientology charges its members many times more than the cost of printing and distributing the pamphlet, usually $24 for a pack of 12.


Dear XXXX,

The Statue of Liberty represents the ideas and the work of two Frenchmen – Edouard de Laboulaye (a French political thinker, U.S. Constitution expert and abolitionist) and sculptor Auguste Bartholdi (who was very much in agreement with Laboulaye’s political ideas).

In 1865 it was proposed that a monument be built as a gift from France to the United States to commemorate the perseverance of freedom and democracy in this country. And thus, the Statue of Liberty was built.

It’s time to return that flow of help to our brothers and sisters in Paris, France. When 2,500 copies of The Way to Happiness® were distributed following the events that occurred on Friday, average Parisian citizens approached the group and 25 of these people then joined in and helped to pass the books to their fellow Parisians.

The Way to Happiness soothes, helps to bolster the hearts and minds of these people whose lives are still in the aftermath of this terrible situation.

The common sense from The Way to Happiness, especially precepts 8, 11 and 21 are needed. (Do not murder; Do not harm a person of good will; Flourish and Prosper).

The need for common sense, calm and stability is needed right now.

250,000 books with this surveyed cover will be printed in Europe to ensure that the books arrive as quickly as possible. And plans are going forward to ensure that the books keep flowing.

Your donations, needed right now, will go toward these books.

Thank you for your support,

Caralyn Percy
The Way to Happiness
Foundation International

Scientology Welcomes Miss Hispanidad International

The Scientology offices of Author Services International in Hollywood, California hosted contestants in the Miss Hispanidad International beauty pageant yesterday. The facility contains the L. Ron Hubbard Theater, which holds performances based on the works of the founder of Scientology. Last night’s event was a dramatic reading of Tinhorn’s Daughter, a short story originally published in December 1937 in the pulp magazine Western Romance.

The gentlemen with untucked shirts are pageant organizers Elie Cane and Silvio Nicholas Walters, and contestants attending included Miss California USA Natasha Martinez and Miss California Teen USA Melanie Mitchell.

The building also holds several relics from L. Ron Hubbard, including an ID card and badge (above) that Scientology claims he was issued in 1948 while working as a security guard in Los Angeles. The card was also used following Hubbard’s death to confirm his identity, and the thumbprint on the card matched one taken by the coroner. Below is a photo of Hubbard’s license to fly gliders, issued in 1951.