Field Auditor Presentation – Fort Harrison Hotel, Clearwater

For anyone who has thought about being an auditor, wants to be an auditor, IS an auditor or is an auditor in training:

“How to get Started-The first steps to Field Auditing”. This will be presented by Shana Valero-Sandell, Lead Field Auditor in the Tampa Bay Area.

1. Find out the actions and steps you can take to build a successful career in field-auditing.
2. Network with other Auditors and C/S’es.
3. Hear successes
4. Get out of Non-E.

Minor Incidents On The Time Track

Minor Incidents on the Time Track collects Scientology completions and awards to benefit researchers and those who may be disconnected from family members or friends.

Inder Singh Sekhon has completed the Hubbard Apprentice Scientologist course at the New York Org.

Mike Knott completed Objectives at Birmingham Org.

Marco Newman has joined staff at the Belleair Mission in Florida.

To have your photo included in Minor Incidents On The Time Track, email your photo, name, and org or mission to

Books For Sale – Must Raise Money To Join Sea Org

Prospective Sea Org members must rid themselves of all debts before activating their contract. Some sell their possessions to fellow Scientologists to pay off their debts for a fraction of their original price.

Hi Everyone,

I am working on this cycle to help this Scientologist arrive into the Sea Org by this Saturday. There is one heck of a HEAVY HARD push to helping this Sea Org member arrive into the Sea Org for the Church of Scientology. Her name is Karen Eckes and her cell phone is 845-474-9992. She is asking $5000 for everything. If you have any questions please contact Karen and explain that Scientologist PJ Anthony Quirino was informed about the cycle through Staff Member Alex Flipse and he was informed by the terminal who is directly working with her. I am helping to make a BIG push on this cycle so we can get it done ASAP.

Basic books Hardcover: full set (most are still in plastic – ones that are open are like new)
Basics books Softcover: full set (Like new)
Basic Books Lectures – full set – (packs thru Tech 88 are open but like new, hardly used. The rest are still in plastic)
Research and Discovery Volumes – numbers 1,2,4,6,7,8,9,10,
Assist Processing Handbook
Intro And Demo Processes Handbook
What is Scn – Softcover books 3-4 of them
Audio CD Books – Dianetics, Evolution of a Science, FOT, Original Thesis, New Slant
Full set of Congresses (most new in plastic)
ACC – Phoenix Certification Course
ACC – 1St Saint Hill
ACC – The Remedy of Havingness
ACC – 17th American
(All new in plastic)

$5000 for all the materials.

Fundraising For Successful Life Center – Clearwater, Florida

This Gofundme page is asking for money to establish a new Scientology office in Clearwater, Florida. The creator of the page is Catherine Jakobsen-Kao, and in 21 days it has raised no money whatsoever. We particularly like the reward levels, offering auditing and framed prints from Battlefield Earth and Mission Earth.

Help us help others live happier, more successful lives by contributing to the opening of the Successful Life Center.

Individuals living in today’s world may suffer from economic, work, familial/relationship stresses or losses that frustrate and traumatize them.

If you have have ever felt battered by the storms of life, we are here for you. We will talk to anyone about anything.

We don’t tell you what to think, and our counseling services are uniquely addressed to you.

We help you discover and connect with your own inner abilities and resources in order to solve your problems.

We offer a variety of services to individuals and families including: personal counseling, workshops on marriage, parenting, workplace productivity, finance, interpersonal relations, etc.

We’re getting established in Clearwater, have secured an excellent, convenient location and are raising funds to build counseling rooms and study areas to serve our clients and the community.

Contributions in any amount are accepted and are much appreciated.

All contributors will receive commendations and donors of $1000 or more will be recognized on a permanent plaque in the center.

Our fundraising goal is $25,000.

Contribute today!