Scientology in Slovakia

Mirka Čillíková‎ and Miro Lopusny have announced that a number of lower level Scientology courses will now be available in Slovak. Many Scientology groups in Eastern Europe and former Soviet Republics present in Russian instead of the dominant language of the region.

HELLO FROM SLOVAKIA! I would like to announce what gift we gave to LRH this year. So our gift to LRH and all Slovak people is: HQS, HAS, DEAR ALICE and PE COURSE in SLOVAK!!! We are the best pioneer language on Earth. For those who do not know: Pioneer countries are those where there is no org yet, only missions, groups or nothing. We have 10 missions in Slovakia, but no org. When there is a major Release in all main languages, pioneer languages are not included. So we did a kind of miracle. It was a hard work but it can be done. Last year we released Life Improvement Courses – no other pioneer country has done them. Now we released the above mentioned items – again, no other pioneer country has done them. I and my boss (on the photo) manage Slovak TU since 2007 and we have several translators in our field but most of work is on our shoulders.