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One day up … the next down

You feel like failures and misfortunes inexplicably happen in your life?

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You can always do something about it.

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The 3rd Av. 4-04 Zona 1
Tels. 2232-4803 and 4558-6688

The ad incorporates an attempt at subliminal messaging, with the word “CLARA,” or “clear” to the right of the model.

This promotional piece does not mention either Scientology or Dianetics. The mission is operating under the name “Eficiencia Personal.” The address is for same as the Santa Clara, Guatemala Mission. The Executive Director is Francisco Martínez.

Look Magazine – 1950

Up for auction on Ebay is a piece of early Scientology history – a copy of Look Magazine, December 5, 1950. It includes the article Dianetics: Science or Hoax? by Albert Q. Maisel. This is one of the earliest articles on L. Ron Hubbard’s theories, written before the founding of Scientology. At the time Dianetics was a national craze in the U.S.

Unencumbered by the modesty that hog-ties ordinary mortals, Hubbard starts his book – THE BOOK, his followers call it – with the calm assertion that “the creation of dianetics is a milestone for Man comparable to his discovery of fire and superior to his invention of the wheel and the arch.”

A few lines beyond, one learns that, with dianetics, “the intelligent layman can successfully and invariably treat all psychosomatic ills and inorganic aberrations.”

Farther on, one discovers that these psychosomatic ills, “uniformly cured by dianetic therapy.” include such varied maladies as eye trouble, bursitis, ulcers, some heart difficulties, migraine headaches and the common cold.

But you ain’t heard nothing yet. For Hubbard’s auditors (anyone with four dollars to buy The Book and the stamina to read through it can “audit” without further license) achieve these miracles by the simple process of releasing the “engrams” that have been bedeviling their friends and customers.

The full text is available on Lermanet.

The Way to Happiness – Mexico

Administrators from a number of Torreón, Mexico area schools were presented with paper and DVD copies of The Way to Happiness. The materials were donated by Los Angeles Scientologist Dionicio Barcenas. The recipients represented the following schools: Nueva Rosita, Cerro e la Cruz, Jose R. Mijares, Guadalupe, Vicente Guerrero, Braulio Fernandez Aguirre, Santiago Ramirez, Ampliacion Lazaro Cardenas, Villas la Merced, Prados del Oriente, Jesus Garcia, Luis Donaldo Colisio, Carlos Fuentes Macias, and Colonia Mayran.

Black Friday Shopping – Salt Lake City

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