4 thoughts on “Photo of the Day – Oxford Capacity Analysis

  1. lmfao. Thats horrible. You know there getting desperate when……
    Hell its not that bad of an idea. They could set up right in front of the laundromat and maybe actually get some bored people waiting for the wash machine/dryer to stop! But of course LRH never mentioned it so it would be blasphemy! 🙂


    • Problem is that peeps using a laundromat generally don’t fit the income demographic necessary to start serious bridging.


      • There are a few that can pay for their bridge easily. There are many more that save and borrow money for Scientology that they can’t afford. Scientologists without money may see joining staff or the Sea Org as a way to contribute labor in exchange for services. They are frequently disappointed in the services they receive for their labor.


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