Milan Ideal Org Opening

We have video and photos from today’s opening of the new Ideal Org in Milan, Italy.

Update: More photos and a video. Roby Facchinetti is a singer with the band Pooh.

Other attendees: Milan City Counselor Giuliano Pisapia (second from left), Daria Pesce (blonde with pendant) Guido Manca (far right).

Happy Halloween From Scientology

Tonight the Scientology tutoring school Community Learning Center will host an event by the Foundation for a Drug-Free World.

Clearwater Neighborhood says “READ BOOKS–DON’T TAKE DRUGS” on Halloween!

With over 220 homes in the Country Club Estates subdivision, residents distribute more than 70,000 pieces of candy on Halloween to the hundreds of children trick-or-treating each year.

Saturday, October 31st, the Foundation for a Drug Free World, the Community Learning Center and several concerned neighbors will hand out anti-drug booklets, anti-drug pledge “sheriff” badges, toothbrushes and treats in the Country Club Estates Neighborhood to trick-or-treaters. There will also be free games and prizes.

Event Details:
Saturday, Oct. 31, 2015
7:00pm – 9:30pm
501 N Lincoln Ave.
Clearwater, FL 33755

Neighbors Guido and Sherry Van Hootegem along with Holly and Brendan Haggerty are spearheading this effort, joining in the spirit of Halloween and doing a good deed at the same time.

“Last year we decided to hand out anti-drug booklets from the Foundation for a Drug Free World along with the treats,” said Sherry Van Hootegem. “This year we decided to do it again, but with a little bit more. The Community Learning Center of Clearwater will donate over 400 books to the children,” she continued.

Sherry and her friends will also ask the kids to become Drug-Free Marshals and sign a Drug-Free Pledge. Once they’ve signed the pledge, they will be “deputized” with a “Sheriff’s Badge” as a confirmation of their pledge to be drug-free and to encourage others to do the same. Washburn Academy Art Students have also donated two huge beanbag toss games to the event.

Scientologists Brian Pool (above, left) and Michael Brett distribute the L. Ron Hubbard pamphlet The Way To Happiness to children at a trick or treat event held by the Las Vegas, Nevada Police Department.

The New Orleans mission will hold a Halloween event with teats and a costume contest.

Halloween festivities at the Hubbard College of Administration in Los Angeles.

Help Wanted – Maynards Green, Sussex

Narconon United Kingdom is launching a brand new Worldwide Field Staff Member (FSM) program. We would like to get our technology to all parts of the Globe, for this reason we welcome all kinds of cheerful and productive individuals to help us spread the word and get in contact with all those people in their community who are suffering from drug or alcohol addiction; help them to arrive to our State of the Art brand new facility in the beautiful Sussex countryside. Here we can help those burdened by drugs and alcohol, and help them become a valuable member of their family and community again. Remember, by these actions we can make this planet more sane and easy to live in.

Imagine a world, without drugs or crimes, and with prosperous people helping each other to live better lives. This is what we work for, and you are welcome to take part in it.

Usual FSM terms apply, as in any other organization on Planet Earth.

Be prosperous and live a happy life, by helping others acheive freedom from the entrapment of addiction.

In return, you have all our support and reward.
For details, contact us on: +44 1435 512460 or

Help Wanted – London

Looking for part time work?

Pulse Light Clinic is a laser hair removal and tattoo removal clinic in London, 10 minutes walk from London Org, owned by Sheila Maclean, OT8. Our receptionist will be starting the Purif at the beg of January and we are looking for a receptionist to cover her whilst on the Purif. We would need to start doing training and hatting 2 weeks prior to the receptionist starting the Purif. This job could lead into a further part time or full time position. Please call Dearbhla on 0207 283 8191

Progreso North Elementary School Welcomes Scientology – Foundation For A Drug-Free World

Progreso Texas sits a few miles West of the Harlingen Scientology mission, just North of the border with Mexico. This week Scientologists Gaby Suarez (above) and Ernesto Barrientos visited Progreso North Elementary School, a public school at 1401 N. Business Fm 1015 in Progreso to promote L. Ron Hubbard’s theories of drug use and abuse. The Foundation for a Drug-Free World is a subsidiary of Scientology devoted to making L. Ron Hubbard’s “tech” acknowledged as the solution to drugs. Below, students signed a Scientology pledge to remain drug-free. The Foundation does not discriminate between legal prescription drugs and illegal drugs.

The Matrix and Avatar At Kiev Mission

The Kiev, Ukraine Scientology mission moved to new quarters last week, and the opening ceremonies involved rutting the ribbon with staff members in costumes from the films The Matrix and Avatar. The Matrix is popular among Scientologists for promoting the idea that reality may be an illusion, and it is possible to achieve superpowers if one understands the nature of reality. Avatar is similarly popular for promoting the idea that it is possible to pick up and dispose of bodies – that humans are an immortal spirit.

Above “Neo” and “Trinity” cut the ribbon to open the facility. Below “Neytiri” receives a commendation from the mission executives.

Above, staff members bear the symbol of a white rabbit, which refers to a Playboy bunny tattoo from the movie The Matrix. Below, staff members mime the bullet-dodging ability of “Neo.”

Help Wanted – Clearwater Florida

Flag Childcare Position

Do you (or someone you know) need to get through your SRD co-audit or auditor training, but “life is getting in the way”? Instead of that scene, how would you like to spend 40 or more hours a week at Flag, co-audting your SRD or training to be an auditor, all while receiving free room and board and a modest income? Am I kidding? No I’m not!! Here’s how:

My wife and I have moved to a 4 bedroom town house in downtown Clearwater. We are here to get up the bridge. This lovely townhouse has a spare private bedroom on the ground floor with bunk beds, its own bathroom and a private back door. The home is a nice decent space in a nice community of town houses, within easy walking distance of the Flag Base.

In mid-October our current nanny will be gone and we will need new help! We need help with three kids, ages 6, 10, and 13. They go to school from 9-5, M-F. Sometimes there are evening extra curricular activities. On the weekends we need parks, outings, homework help, games, transportation to local activities, etc. Your product is good positive kid control and happy, busy, interested children. This work includes light housekeeping like meal preparation and laundry.

We are looking for not one but TWO cheerful, competent, energetic females who will come stay with us (share the private room) and split the duties, each for 30 hours a week. We will exchange with each person room and board and $300/week (before taxes), plus the room and meals. The work can be broken up as it suits us and both of your schedules. Which means you have more than 40 hours a week available to be in session, on course, or whatever you want to work on to get up the bridge.

Our kids are genuinely sweet and you will fall in love with them. We are an upstat and uptone Scientologist family.

If this sounds enticing and you think you have the right stuff to be an awesome child care helper, please consider signing on to come to Clearwater to be our live-in co-childcare helper for 30 hours a week. Depending on the division of work between the two helpers and the immediate scene, you must:

Get kids ready for school at 9 or a little before
Pick them up from school at 5 or a little later
Help with homework if needed
Do the things listed in this description
Occasional transport to/from local activities
Care for them till bed time
Put them to bed
Light housekeeping
Meal prep
Grocery shopping
Other similar reasonable tasks

You must have a drivers license, a good driving record and be an actual good driver. You must be uptone and seem to us like the kind of person who can take care of our kids well. You must have enough energy and spirit to handle all these duties with a positive attitude, including responding well to occasional plus randomity. You must be fine on sharing a room with another female nanny. You must have reasonable evidence of being in ethics and trustworthy.

To be considered for this opportunity, please complete and submit the following application questions below our photo, and we will get back to you asap. Thanks!

Tim and Janie Stoner

First and Last Name *

Phone Number *

Emali Address *

Where do you live now? *

Do you meet all of the qualifications described in the information above? Please explain *

Do you have a good driving record? Any accidents? Please describe. *

Besides the previous answer, are there other experiences, skills, or abilities you bring which we should consider? *

If you are a Scientologist, what Bridge actions have you done, generally? *

If you came here to live in Clearwater with us, what would you do when you were not on post with us? *

Can you provide several personal references? *

If chosen, how soon are you available? *

Happy Halloween From Scientology

The San Francisco Org would like you to distribute Scientology literature to kids on Halloween.

The Cambridge, Ontario Org’s event will include a special Halloween Way to Happiness lecture.

Mission of the Foothills in Montrose, California is planning a haunted house. Many hats are available.

The Quito, Ecuador mission is offering a lecture on the Phenomenon of Death.

Scientology Claims 10% Reduction In Drunk Driving

Maurithus Meiring is the Director of Special Affairs (DSA) of the Pretoria, South Africa org. He would like to win the South African Men of the Year awards, sponsored in part by a number of government agencies including the Department of Social Development. Meiring claims that the Scientology subsidiary Foundation for a Drug-Free World is responsible for a 10% decrease in drunk driving in areas in which they are active.

Milan Ideal Org – Update

The Milan, Italy Ideal Org is still scheduled for a grand opening ceremony on October 31st, but we now have information that it is a newly purchased building, and not a renovation of the old org. The address is Viale Fulvio Testi 327 near Bresso Airport, and it is the former Sun Microsystems Italia building. Pictures below were taken during renovations.