The Trial of Hugo Colomba

This video taken inside the offices of American Power and Gas in Seminole, Florida shows a mock “Court of Ethics” for their employee Hugo Colomba. American Power and Gas is a WISE (World Institute of Scientology Enterprises) company, and the founder and CEO is Tom Cummins, one of the largest contributors to Scientology organizations in the world. The company re-sells electricity and gas in states where that is legal, and they are known for aggressive telemarketing and poor customer service. They have a rating of “F” with the Better Business Bureau and are currently shown as having failed to respond to 133 customer complaints in the past year.

The company is run according to the Hubbard Management System, in which an “org board” groups employees into seven Divisions, and subgroups of 21 Departments. All Scientology orgs and missions have the same structure. Hugo Colomba is a native of Argentina, and the Estates Manager for American Power and Gas, meaning he is in charge of maintaining the building. The post is in Division 7 of the Scientology org board, which is the Executive Division. In the video he is being recognized for his work on the Bogota, Colombia Ideal Org. It appears American Power and Gas and Tom Cummins lent their Estates Manager as a contribution to building the Bogota Org. Cummins conducts a mock “Court of Ethics” for Colomba. A real Court of Ethics is an investigation into wrongdoing that could result in a Scientologist being stripped of various awards, or being declared an SP, a Suppressive Person resulting in expulsion from Scientology.

In this case the trial is a humorous pretense, and Colomba is granted time off from his job in order to complete 17 Intensives at the newly opened Bogota Ideal Org to achieve the Scientology level of Clear, in which one no longer has his or her own reactive mind. The company is paying the bill for the Intensives, which are blocks of auditing time of 12.5 hours each. So Colomba is being awarded a total 202.5 hours of auditing in recognition of his hard work on the org building, and is not to return until he is Clear.

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