Scientology Gives You Super Powers – Like Wolverine

Joshua Wong is a Scientologist living in Sunnyvale, California and is involved in the Scientology front group CCHR Silicon Valley. He has completed the Super Power levels at Flag Land Base in Clearwater, Florida and claims that the process allows him to heal wounds by ordering his cells to repair injuries and remove infections. In the comic books, this power is held by the superhero Wolverine, of the X-Men.

I had an interesting win that I wanted to share with you. One of the 57 perceptics the you drill on Super Power is “cellular and bacteriological position”, which means you perceive the position of the cells and bacteria in your body. Obviously this is a very spiritual perception and not something that you can see, hear, feel, etc. with the body.

When I first read this perceptic, I was like, “Um, no…how do I perceive this?” Doing the drill was hard at first, and I went through some emotions, but after awhile the perception turned on and I was able to perceive this. It is a very interesting perception, being able to perceive the different types of cells in the body, the blood cells moving through the body, the many, many bacteria in and on my body.

Last week I cut my finger while working on a project. I hadn’t paid much attention to it, but today in the morning before course, I looked at it and noticed that the wound was pussing and not showing any signs of healing. This was somewhat concerning to me, so I looked at the area and perceived the cells in the area and what they were doing. I saw that the white blood cells were playing a game of “repelling the invader or infection”, and that no one was actually interested in actually closing up the wound.

So I got in comm with the cells and said to them, “OK cells, I know that you’ve been having a lot of fun with this game, but now it’s time to start growing new cells and repairing this finger. And with any luck, active guy that I am, next week I’ll injure myself in some new area and you’ll have more game to play.” Total time spent on this: about twenty seconds.

By the end of the course period, the wound (which had shown NO signs of healing over a week period) had stopped pussing, closed up, and is now healing nicely.

So: ARC with the body!

3 thoughts on “Scientology Gives You Super Powers – Like Wolverine

  1. Now if he could just postulate repair to the damaged parts of his brain and central nervous system which override all normal cognative disonance and actually let him believe this horse manure is “real” and tell the world with a straight face he believes he is in communication with his body at a cellular level.

    Scientology – Destroying common sense since 1952.

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  2. It is sad, to think a person can actually get to the point they think this is real and not the sign of being seriously messed up in the head. Where do you even start with a guy like this in telling him how deluded he is?

    If he were in Comm with his cells…ugh…why didn’t they tell him at the time it happen, “hey Logan, you gashed us”. Oh right, cuz it is BS and he is labouring under delusions.

    Just sad really.

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