First Look – Del Valle Ideal Org

Scientology has announced that the former Organización Desarrollo y Dianética (ODD) in Mexico City will be renovated to become an Ideal Org, to be renamed Del Valle, or “of the valley.” This is not the purchase of a new building, but if the drawing above is to be trusted, Scientology intends to expand this seven-story org building into an eleven-story building. Ideal Orgs must be more than 50,000 square feet, and the existing org appears to fall short of that size. The building is located at Avenida Cuauhtemoc 576, and sits between a car wash and a used car dealer.

One thought on “First Look – Del Valle Ideal Org

  1. Comparing the postulated result to the nitty gritty reality…well, let’s just say there’s some OT level artistic license being taken and adding four floors ain’t even half of it.

    Scientology – fleecing the flock to convert office buildings to “churches” since forever.

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