Mzansi Fela Festival Welcomes Scientology – The Way To Happiness

The Mzansi Fela Festival is sponsored by the South African Department of Arts and Culture. This month the festival is in Pretoria, and includes performances of Madiba, the African Opera. The opera was written in 2014 to celebrate the lives of Nelson and Winnie Mandela and the fight against apartheid.

Scientology is participating in the festival by distributing a special edition of the L. Ron Hubbard pamphlet The Way to Happiness to audience members. Special covers for the pamphlet are common, but we have never seen one designed for an opera before. Scientologists Robin Hogarth (above, left) and Mohamed Bozzasa distributed the pamphlets at Friday’s performance. Scientologists generally believe that distributing the pamphlet will calm civil unrest, reduce crime and prevent war.

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