Film Week Pro 2015 – Freewinds

This is Film Week Pro on the cruise ship Freewinds, currently docked in Kralendijk, Bonaire.

Participants included (left to right) Sandra Santiago, Noelle North, Michael Norris, Nancy Cartwright, Taron Lexton, and Deanna Meske.

Jason Dohring (dark shirt), Bayou Bennett (gold dress).

Nicole Beville Pase (left), Jenny Burpee, Johnny Ferretti

Eddy Monteith

Sandra Santiago hosts a radio program in Los Angeles on Dianetics.

Michael Norris is the son of martial arts actor Chuck Norris, and best known for guest appearances on Walker, Texas Ranger.

Nancy Cartwright is the voice of Bart Simpson.

Taron Lexton is a cinematographer, best known for short films such as United and Struck.

Deanna Meske is an actress best known for roles in Cheerleader Camp and Entourage.

Jason Dohring is an actor best known for his role in Veronica Mars.

Bayou Bennett is a producer and director of such short films as Text Me and L.A. Aboriginal.

Correction: We are told that Mike Norris, son of Chuck Norris is not the person in the photo above. We looked at a few photos and we agree, it’s a different Mike Norris. We regret the error.


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