Robert Anderson – Five Years, 2 Months on OT-VII

Robert Anderson OT-VII Success

Well, I just finished OT VII! And, what a wild ride it has been. I started the level about 5 years and 2 months ago. And one cannot imagine the changes unless you are on the ride. I handled so many things that I cannot even recall what many of them are but the areas had to so with self-invalidation and other restraints that had been there for a very long time. And as I went through the level they simply started to vanish and it took looking at what was not there to even find what had changed. In other words, the the rightness started to show more and more and the wrongnesses just seemed to fade away until they were simply gone.

My dynamics just seemed to sort out more and more and towards the end fell into alignment and that has never happened before like this. It is so wonderful it is simply hard to describe.

There is an important event in my life that this coincides with that I wanted to share with you. Tomorrow I will start my 39th year as a staff member. I was out body routing one day at the Pasadena Mission and had to make a choice in my life about the area on the 3rd Dynamic that I wanted to work in. I decided that it was in the area of Missions. I did not put a limiter on it and now in addition to the Mission in the US, I have Nepal and the Philippines.

All the auditing and, especially on OT VII, has just increased my ability to help get people onto and up the Bridge, which is very important to me.

There are so many people to thank for the help. First of all, my beautiful wife who supported me from the start. As a funny aside, when I was on OT VI C and I wanted to come home she said that if I did she would change the locks so I stayed and completed, of course!

My staff in all the Missions who helped me by keeping the show on the road so I could do the auditing needed to complete. My many friends and FSM who backed me up and helped me when needed.

I want to personally thank the Captain FSO for the help he has given me. During one of my times when I was getting on the level I was a bit bleak. He simply stated “Just show up to Church every day and we’ll get you through.” I did and took this to heart and now I am at the other end. So if you have this ever, just do this successful action.

I want to thank all my supervisors and wordclearers both while on OT VI and my Refreshers. You all helped me more than you will know and got me through my metering which was very very special.

Thanks to all the SO staff here on the base. Keeping everything going so I could complete this level takes a whole team.

I want to thank my auditors for getting me onto and through this level. I want to thank my D of Ps for listening to me when I needed it and keeping me on the road. And, of course, my MAA who always asked “How do you want to handle that?”

I want to thank my C/S for steering me through this level and complimenting me on my auditing skill which means so very much to me. And those that stepped in when she was overloaded!

I especially want to thank COB and RTC for both the Golden Age of Knowledge and the Golden Age of Tech. This has allowed me to fully get the basics and the tech that I needed to take me through this level and complete!

And finally to LRH. How can I thank you for this very special gift of being me and with all that attends it1 My undying thanks and love. To LRH!


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