Baton Rouge Org Soft Launch

In Baton Rouge, LA, Scientology sold the old Mission building, and has been renovating a former Chinese restaurant as a Class V org, but not an ideal org. The new address is 9716 Airline Highway. This weekend the new org opened part of the facility for personality testing, purif, and auditing services. Other parts of the location are still being remodeled.

Scientologists must enter this back entrance, because the front building isn’t ready yet.

Public testing.

Auditing room.

Purification center.

One thought on “Baton Rouge Org Soft Launch

  1. Hi everybody this is Danny Dixon I hope this finds you all doing great and everything going your way. I am doing good I recently got back from Savannah Ga. visiting my daughter (she called one night wanting to talk and to see me.) she paid for a flight to go see them Making amends I guess. It went well they all four are doing good and my son in-law is a physicians assittant so they lack for nothing. they had this lap top aand wanted me to have it so I would quit being left behind on tech. It does give me something else to do. I will enter e-mail. later guys


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