Narconon Europe Needs More Russians

Narconon Europe is recruiting Russian Scientologists to work at the newly opened Continental Narconon in Helsinge, Denmark. Translation by Google:

A very important message to each of you!!! Therefore, I beg you, too, that is to spread to all your lines. Right now we are one of the key strategies of the office for the implementation of standards in the centres Narconon. To this end, has been completely revised programme Narconon. And now she’s completely standard-corresponds to the materials and the recommendations of the LRH.

And now, to implement this programme in the centres of Narconon in Russia and Ukraine to us, it is vital to train in each centre team providing programme. It will be five technical staff from each of the centre:

– The Case of a specialist programme Narconon,
– Supervisor,
– Responsible for the programme “new life” (Detox),
– Responsible for the programme of exclusion of (a series of procedures for the lifting of the withdrawal without medicine),
– The Administrator on the ethics of.

The first people have already left to learn in Narconon Europe, the new model, the centre, which is now studying all the technical specialists from the centres Narconon.

But we need more staff members who can go to school right now. Yeah, right now. Tomorrow to apply for a visa and in a few days, fly away and start at the training.
It is a challenge! And we took him in. All for one-to provide fully standard programme Narconon people and save them from the drugs.

It also agreed with the vts. Therefore, I need your help. Join the team Narconon-Standard in Moscow, Or Narconon Dimitrovgrad in Ulyanovsk region, or Narconon-Saint-Petersburg.

Do you want to help people to cope with addiction? Make them and their families happy? To feel your product? To see that you’re trying to save lives? It’s all about you? Do you want to right now to receive training in phase ii for Narconon? Then write me and I’ll be glad to see you on the team the real heroes of this time!

We are the future of people familiar with the technology LRH with a programme of purification, current passport (but not necessarily).

Send for training in the perfect centre Narconon in Europe right now, very beautiful Theta place where a pleasure to learn and to become a professional in the area of rehabilitation of drug addicts.

Do you have a wonderful chance to realize themselves and their purpose.
Write to me and call me: tel. 8926 945 5245

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