Portland Org Cleans Out Surplus Inventory

The Portland Ideal Org disposed of some unneeded inventory recently, which has been picked up by an Ebay seller, we suspect from a trash bin.

250 copies of The Road to Freedom album
106 copies of An Introduction to Scientology DVD with LRH Interview
70 copies of CCHR: Dead Wrong DVD Documentary
56 copies of Youth for Human Rights PSA DVDs
55 copies of Classification & Gradation DVD
28 copies of Psychiatry An Industry of Death (DVD & Brochure Pack)
26 copies of This is Scientology DVD
15 copies of Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health Paperback
5 copies of CCHR: Diagnostic & Statistical Manual Scam Documentary
5 copies of Purification Rundown An Introduction Booklet

2 thoughts on “Portland Org Cleans Out Surplus Inventory

  1. This is an open letter to our youth in the community. We will be opening a new skate park this weekend with free admission to all. We’ll be giving away fabulous door prizes such as inline skates, smart phones, DVDGames and players, motorbikes, gift cards,etc.ect. So tell all your friends to come out for a fun filled day ! To register for an all inclusive paid two week holiday in Hawaii with airfare and $ 1000 in spending money please call Robin at (727) 748-1700 and tell her you want the special ticket # 7.


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