Salt Lake City Ideal Org

Scientology has purchased a new Ideal Org location in Salt Lake City.

709 E. South Temple St. Salt Lake City, UT 84103, the former home of Moreton & Company, an insurance and financial services company.

The building has already been used for the viewing of the IAS video from Saint Hill.

Also a Halloween party.

And, of course, fundraising.

From the looks of the board, their goal for the night was $75,000. $45,000 of that was donated by John Blakemore, Alana Carol Farr another $8008, followed by a number of smaller donations in the $100-$500 range. Typically the first round of fundraising covers the cost of buying an Ideal Org building, followed by a second round for “renos,” or renovations. In the case of Salt Lake City, their building appears to be in good shape and they may be able to raise the money needed for the marble floors and walls seen in other Ideal Orgs.

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