Baltimore Life Improvement Center

A Facebook account for a Baltimore Life Improvement Center has announced that they will open to provide Scientology services in Cattonsville, MD in February 2015. Cattonsville is a small town in Baltimore County, with a population of 40,000, and is home to the University of Maryland – Baltimore County.

Life Improvement Centers are usually in-between the size of the smaller Missions and the larger Orgs. St. Petersburg, FL, Plant City, FL and Seattle, WA each have such a center. The photo used on Facebook is the sign of the London Life Improvement Center, formerly known as the London Org.

Sign up today, and you may qualify for an early bird discount of 25%.

2 thoughts on “Baltimore Life Improvement Center

  1. If Scientology thinks you will invade my home like vermin and steal more souls like you did mine once upon a time you’ve got another thing coming. I’ll be watching every move you try to make and if you try to spread like the cancerous mole that you are on society I will be there, protesting as is my right and educating everyone within earshot on what Scientology is and what you do.


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