You Can Help Raise The Stats Of The London Ideal Org

The London Org is planning an event on the social network Meetup for this Saturday. The organizer, Tonie Pepperstreet‎, is concerned that not enough people will register for the Meetup, and it would reflect badly on Scientology. We encourage you to raise Tonie’s stats. Just click this link on and perhaps we can raise their stats above the current five attendees, some of whom are London Org staffers and shouldn’t really count. Also, there appears to be a lot of empty room in the London Org’s course and auditing rooms. There’s room for way more people.

I have just added an open house event on Meet Up for this Saturday, the event is called “Attend an event at Church Of Scientology London” inviting them to the first floor to find out the extent of work that has been done to assist mankind bla bla bla. Please could you all join meet up and say you are all attending, this way the numbers don’t look bad and the event is backed up with confidence.

If anyone has any non Scientology friends, this is the perfect opportunity to walk them through the information centre. Lets take head of the previous Maiden Voyage Event and help London Org create open house events. Our course rooms and auditing rooms have enough space to cater for way more people.

– Tonie Pepperstreet‎

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