Minor Incidents On The Time Track

Minor Incidents on the Time Track collects Scientology completions and awards to benefit researchers and those who may be disconnected from family members or friends.

Alexander Mitrokhin has completed The Way to Happiness course at the Riga, Latvia Mission.

Luis Ortega has completed the Knowing Who To Trust course at the Puebla, Mexico Mission.

Nicole Tapia has completed the How to Achieve Self Confidence course at the Plant City Florida Life Improvement Center.

Max Chang has completed the Purification Rundown at the Excalibur Renaissance Center, a field group in Taiwan.

Prizewinners at the Toastmasters event at the Las Vegas Ideal Org this week were Best Table Topic: Brian Gardner, Most Improved: Gregg Merril, Sherry Faust, Susan Walker, Best Coach: Staney Larsen, Most Improved Coach: Alex Serrano.

Rafael Hidalgo has completed Hubbard Graduate of Study Technology at the London Ideal Org.

John Waterman and Kevin Sanchez have completed the Survival Rundown at the Stevens Creek Org.

To have your photo included in Minor Incidents On The Time Track, email your photo, name, and org or mission to SecCheck8@gmail.com.

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