Myrtle Beach Logo For Durban Scientology Org

The Durban, South Africa Scientology Org will be hosting a Durban Sharks OT Committee’s OT Ambassador Program Kick-off Party on June 30th.

Come join the Durban Sharks OT Committee to kick-off the new OT Ambassador Program gotten at the MV Events aboard the Freewinds. Come find out how you can help the Crusade to make Durban Org Ideal. Chicken Curry will be served for those who need to eat dinner before Course. Everyone is welcome!

The answer to the question about helping Durban go Ideal is obvious – donations are needed, and in amounts that far exceed the means of their publics. Durbin has a small, non-Ideal org building that was donated to them in the past few years, and they have almost no money saved to buy an Ideal-sized building of 50,000 square feet or more. But why is there a picture of a shark on the invitation if they will be serving chicken curry to hungry Scientologists? One of the more popular rugby teams in South Africa are the Natal Sharks, and Durban is in the state of KwaZulu-Natal. Sports in South Africa are divided along ethnic lines, and rugby is the sport of those of Afrikaner descent. Many Scientologists in Durban and other South African orgs are Afrikaners, and some are not truly fluent in English.

The reference is clear – it’s as if the New York org were calling itself the Yankees, but with a different logo. Scientology didn’t copy the Natal Sharks logo, so where did it come from? A quick search tells us it was designed for St. James High School in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. So now we have a Myrtle Beach logo for the Durban Scientology Org.

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