Join The Sea Org And Sell Your Possessions

Sea Org Arrival! Help needed!!

Today, I was approved to join the Sea Org!!! I’ve been trying to make this happen for years, and now, I am!!

I need to make this go right, TODAY! I have financial logistics to resolve as one major part of my steps to come back. So I am selling the assets I have. Please help if you can!! I have a basics lecture set to sell (mostly unused), two mostly-unused congresses sets, I have a great laptop computer and plenty of good software on offer.

If you don’t need any of those things, I am a writer, and I will write something for you in exchange for some financial help! Poetry, a short story, a song, anything!

It’s all happening right now, WAY faster than I ever thought it could!! Please contact me over FB and let me know how you can help! I am finally getting a chance to help LRH and the 3rd and 4th dynamic the way I have been dreaming of, and words can’t express how bright the future looks – it’s here, it’s now, and it’s awesome!!

In order to join the Sea Org you can’t have any debt. This Scientologist is selling his possessions in order to pay off his debts, and join the Sea Org.

3 thoughts on “Join The Sea Org And Sell Your Possessions

  1. Sell everything you own for pennies on the dollar to join the Sea Org where a billion years of abuse awaits you…makes sense.

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  2. i woulds be willing to give him my 2cents if he would use that computer and write an essay on what really happens in the cult that he is so willing to destroy his life for.


  3. The Scio world is saturated with basics………. Literally. Has he even checked eBay and others? You can pick up any Scio material you like for virtually nothing. I have friends with piles of this stuff (Congresses, Basics etc) sitting gathering dust in their garages (they had to buy sets to get out of ethics trouble).
    I hope no-one bites and he is saved.


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