Training At Narconon Europe

Narconon Europe in Ramløse, Denmark opened its doors on September 5th, and has been busy since in its role in training the staff of other Narconon facilities.

From Narconon Dimitrovgrad, Russia (above), including Igor Kalennik, Borče Mirčevski and Monika Dimevska.

Among those training from Narconon Macedonia: Jannick Uldall, Borče Mirčevski, Nadja Sidor and Stevco S. Sidor.

From Narconon Turkey in Ankara. The training for these groups has included Objectives processes, including the two shown in videos below from Narconon Turkey. A source was able to tell us more about the processes shown.

In the first one the command is “Give me that hand. Thank you,” and just done over and over and over. The second one is “Put your hands up to mine about 6 inches apart. Follow them, and contribute to their motion.” Then they move. Then, “Did you contribute to their motion? Thank you.”

These are Scientology exercises, and are performed the same way in Scientology missions and orgs around the world.

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