Narconon Taiwan Goes Ideal

Narconon Taiwan re-opened as an Ideal Narconon today. All Scientology orgs, missions and Narconons are under orders to renovate to meet the Ideal standard. For Narconons, this means minor renovations and a coat of green paint. Only Ideal Narconons can use the green colors. Executive Director Ying Lin (above) officiated at the ceremony. We have more photos from this little-known facility, including the first we have ever seen of the interior.

2 thoughts on “Narconon Taiwan Goes Ideal

  1. This is a new facility two years ago, donated by the number one public in TW. I was thinking they will leave Taiwan alone to earn some money, because according to TonyO, ideal Narconon is under Able direct control, and is more for show than for the money. But TW just anounce this ideal opening shortly before the event. This is not good at all because the TW version is 10 months long, in order to justify the high cost. After going ideal, it will be 3 months like the standard version. How can they sell it without losing money? So TonyO may be accurate in more direct control and for show. If they are for show they cannot possibily support that many staff. Recently one high profile staff who works the internet left to become an insurance salesman.

    The strange thing is, the Executive Director is missing, together with his wife who is as senior as him. The woman in the Chinese newspaper version is the vice ED, not the ED in the English version. She’s a long time staff, possibly narconon graduate, who married another more recent graduate. I doubt if she has any management title before this.


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