Joining The Sea Org – Maybe

Candice Nite is on staff at the Sacramento, California Scientology Org. On Sunday she signed a billion year Sea Org contract, but there’s a problem. She needs Scientologists to donate enough money to pay off her debts. Incoming Sea Org members must be debt-free.

On Sunday I joined the Sea org! It wasn’t until that day that I realized that I’ve been tracking with joining the SO for two years. It hasn’t been easy for me to be a Scientologist these last two years, but I kept persisting & my understanding of the truth never wavered. I always had the support of my comrades at Sac. Org.

I know what I’m doing is the most pro-survival thing any being on planet Earth can do!! But I wonder if you may be able to help me arrive?

I have just under $15,000.00 in debt to handle. If you can help, please message me or post here for the number & name of the Flag Reps that I am working with. Even small donations from many thetans add up to BIG wins! I’ve donated to help others arrive Many times & always felt it was for the greater good. Much love to my fellow Scientologists!! We are in this together, and we’ll get out of it together!

Will Candice pay off her debts and join the Sea Org? We understand that a large number of recruits never start the first step in a Sea Org career – the Estates Project Force (EPF) because they are unable to pay off their debts.

4 thoughts on “Joining The Sea Org – Maybe

  1. Candice owes a fellow Scientology public that $15,000 for monies she borrowed raise her IAS Patron status. Raising her IAS status gave Candice so much case gain that she cogged her true purpose was to join the Sea Org and be a body router and a letter reg in Sacramento.

    There is no higher purpose than these duties.

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