Volunteers Wanted – Narconon Warner Springs

Narconon Warner Springs is looking for volunteers to help paint and bring the facility up to the Ideal standard that all Narconons are trying to achieve. Warner Springs is located in the San Diego area, and the facility is also known as Fresh Start and Sunshine Summit Lodge. Scientologists can use this opportunity to work on a Liability Amends Project, or for eligibility to start an OT (Operating Thetan) level.

Liability is one of the Lower Conditions established by L. Ron Hubbard, which serve as punishment for Scientologists who violate policy or otherwise upset their superiors. It is the highest of the lower conditions, and a member has to work up the chain of conditions before finishing their punishment. Somebody assigned to Doubt would apply the Doubt formula, then move up to Liability. Part of the Liability formula is “Make up the damage by contributing far beyond the ordinary demands of a group member.” After completion, the Liability Amends Project is voted on, and a majority of the group needs to approve the work done to complete the punishment.

OT Eligility (“elig” below) means that a certain number of points need to be earned before a Scientologist is invited to start an Operating Thetan, or OT processing level. Points can be earned by participating in the org’s OT Committee, or one of the “social reform” groups, such as Narconon, The Way to Happiness, or Foundation for a Drug-Free World. Being invited to start an OT level is a significant accomplishment in a Scientologist’s life.

VOLUNTEER WORK NEEDED! (would be great for someone needing to work on lower conditions and/or elig, or just wants to contribute to a great group!) Narconon in Warner Springs is getting a posh up and some volunteer help is needed for the next 2-3 weeks. Needed are people who can paint or want to learn how, can do light construction and assemble some furniture and similar activities.

It is near Temecula, about a 40 minute drive away and if you can do a few hours in the evening, a day, a weekend or more and want to make a contribution to a really good group this is a way to do it!

Please let me know if you or someone you know is interested and I’ll get you more details and connect you up so you can get started! Thanks so much!

Daina Hogg Cutts

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