Scientology Welcomes Miss Hispanidad International

The Scientology offices of Author Services International in Hollywood, California hosted contestants in the Miss Hispanidad International beauty pageant yesterday. The facility contains the L. Ron Hubbard Theater, which holds performances based on the works of the founder of Scientology. Last night’s event was a dramatic reading of Tinhorn’s Daughter, a short story originally published in December 1937 in the pulp magazine Western Romance.

The gentlemen with untucked shirts are pageant organizers Elie Cane and Silvio Nicholas Walters, and contestants attending included Miss California USA Natasha Martinez and Miss California Teen USA Melanie Mitchell.

The building also holds several relics from L. Ron Hubbard, including an ID card and badge (above) that Scientology claims he was issued in 1948 while working as a security guard in Los Angeles. The card was also used following Hubbard’s death to confirm his identity, and the thumbprint on the card matched one taken by the coroner. Below is a photo of Hubbard’s license to fly gliders, issued in 1951.

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