First Look – San Jose, Costa Rica Ideal Org

Scientology has purchased the former Ambassador Hotel in San Jose, Costa Rica and plans to open the first Ideal Org in Central America. The building is on South Paseo Colon between 26th And 28th streets, close to the National Stadium in the heart of the city. The asking price for the facility was $4.5 million, but we don’t know the actual purchase price. The building exceeds the 50,000 sq ft. minimum for Ideal Orgs, and comes with a casino license.

It’s a 7 story + basement, 74 room hotel with 5,250 sqm of construction with 1,157,753 sqm buildable land to expand into to a first class hotel.

Casino permit to make your business flourish
All rooms with hot water, A/C and cable television
2 Master suites
8 Junior suites
2 elevators in the lobby
Private Rooms for Business meetings (10-15 people)
Business rooms for 250-300 people
Offices for management

We don’t expect an opening ceremony soon, or perhaps ever, as the building is in poor repair and will need extensive renovations, as seen in online reviews of the hotel.

The lobby was shabby, the room smelled awful, the rug was stained, there were tiles missing in the bathroom/shower, I was afraid to sleep in the sheets (I slept on the top of the bed between beach towels), the breakfast was not edible and I prayed there wouldn’t be an earthquake or fire.

Some of the window panels are missing, I had clean but stained sheets, the carpet was stained, the tiles in the bathroom were cracked, the air conditioning barely worked some light fixtures in my room did not work…you get the picture. However, Its located in a relatively safe area and walking distance from the main shopping strip.

The hotel is as horrible and terrible as can be. The parking lot was extremely limited and they close it down for the night so we had to wait for nearly 20 mins. until they decided to open it. Bottom line, it’s not worth it. Not even for 20 bucks. It’s dirty, run down, everything broken, has bugs, no wheelchair facilities for breakfast and extremely poor illumination.

One thought on “First Look – San Jose, Costa Rica Ideal Org

  1. San Jose Ideal Org/Casino…I like the sound of that. It’s a bold step for CoS, but it does open up opportunities for increasing the revenue stream.

    Those unable to afford high priced “classes” now have the opportunity to “donate” to the church using ecclesiastical slot machines whose jackpots are automatically donated to the IAS. Gaming tables and roulette wheels likewise payout in chips only redeemable on LRH books or cruises on the Breakwinds.

    Where do I send my check?


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