Nikita, You Light Up The Night

We have video of Scientology celebrity, singer and songwriter David Pomeranz performing an original composition for fellow Scientologist Nikita Sinyaev‎, praising him for being a patron of the International Association of Scientologists (IAS) and fighting Psychologists. Sinyaev is active in the city of Samara, Russia, which is over 1,000 Kilometers East of Moscow, near the border with Kazakhstan.

by – David Pomeranz

Nikita, Nikita,
Nikita, Nikita,
Nikita, you light up the night.

Oh Nikita, Nikita,
There’s nobody sweeter –
He’s the one who turns wrong into right.

In Samara, he unleashes his powers
So tomorrow this old world will be ours;
And Nikita we thank you,
We thank you
With all of our hearts!

Yeah –
Nikita, Nikita,
Nikita, Nikita,
Like a thunderstorm
Cracking the sky.
He is fierce and he’s wild
Like a magical child
With a purpose to make mankind fly.

With Aiina and Vlada he marches on
And he won’t stop until all of the psychs are gone
And the sunshine is shinin’ on everybody’s face.
No, no one can replace –

And we’ve come here to thank you, my friend
For the love that you give
So your fellows can live
In a glory that knows no end!

Nikita, Nikita,
Nikita, Nikita;
Honored Patron of the IAS.
Every night, every day
You go leading the way to the only way to happiness.
And with you we know we’re bound to flourish and succeed
Cause the world is your garden and you are the seed
And we’re all gonna make it together forever as One –

And Nikita will never back down till the job is done!

One thought on “Nikita, You Light Up The Night

  1. That performance was right up with the Scilon poetry I’ve read…there’s no way to make it all the way through and survive to tell about it. I lasted less than two minutes before succumbing to my innate survival instinct and closing the tab.

    I believe the problem is Scientology is only good for acting, perhaps because acting requires “mocking up” a different reality, which Scilons are familiar. Music, art, literature, and poetry require a different skill set that Scilon technology has shown (based on what I’ve seen/hear/read) to be quite efficient at erradicating.


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