Help Wanted – Maynards Green, Sussex

Narconon United Kingdom is launching a brand new Worldwide Field Staff Member (FSM) program. We would like to get our technology to all parts of the Globe, for this reason we welcome all kinds of cheerful and productive individuals to help us spread the word and get in contact with all those people in their community who are suffering from drug or alcohol addiction; help them to arrive to our State of the Art brand new facility in the beautiful Sussex countryside. Here we can help those burdened by drugs and alcohol, and help them become a valuable member of their family and community again. Remember, by these actions we can make this planet more sane and easy to live in.

Imagine a world, without drugs or crimes, and with prosperous people helping each other to live better lives. This is what we work for, and you are welcome to take part in it.

Usual FSM terms apply, as in any other organization on Planet Earth.

Be prosperous and live a happy life, by helping others acheive freedom from the entrapment of addiction.

In return, you have all our support and reward.
For details, contact us on: +44 1435 512460 or

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