Minor Incidents On The Time Track

Minor Incidents on the Time Track collects Scientology completions and awards to benefit researchers and those who may be disconnected from family members or friends.

Nayyirah Tivica Muhammad from the 7TH Region Nation of Islam Auditing Department has completed Super Power at Flag Land Base in Clearwater, Florida.

Mike Scandling has completed OT-7, also at Flag.

Staff member John Gardner has completed the Pro Metering Course at the Tampa Ideal Org.

Also from Tampa, Natalie Jensen and Braadt have completed their Objectives.

Heidi Lane has completed the Purification Rundown at the Stevens Creek Org.

Szilvia Soltesz has joined staff at the London Ideal Org.

Shailesh Patel and Alex Sist have completed the Pro Upper Indoc TR course, also at London.

Barbara Yarshevitz has attested to Clear at the New York Ideal Org.

Theresa Quesada has attested to Clear at the Bogota Ideal Org.

Galina Batalina has attested to Clear at the Kiev, Ukraine Mission.

To have your photo included in Minor Incidents On The Time Track, email your photo, name, and org or mission to SecCheck8@gmail.com.

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