Lagos, Nigeria Mission Needs a Starter Package

My name is ‘Seyi Adeniyi-Omoakin, I’m the ED of the Scientology Mission of Lagos here in Nigeria. Sadiq Abubakar is the Mission Holder.

Recently, Sadiq and I discussed raising funds within us four major Scientologists here in Nigeria for the Mission premises. We’re very excited about this as we’ve been through a lot recently in the bid to provide a stable point for Scientology dissemination here in Nigeria. Despite all, I recently trained as the first ever Nigerian GAT II Hubbard Professional Course Supervisor! Now, we’re ready to go.

Now, we need the support of Scientologists from all over the world to procure a Mission Starter Package and other additional delivery materials. After discussing with Sadiq, we decided to ask for help from Scientologists out there so as to support in providing delivery materials for Lagos Mission. We can raise funds for the Mission premises.

So, putting all of what we four can generate here locally together, we can fund the buildings. But we cannot open an empty building with a couple of staff members and call it a Mission and expect it to produce and boom. We would need delivery materials. This is where we need all the help we can get. This is where YOU come in along with your powerful Flag and OT friends. We cannot do this alone. WE NEED YOUR HELP!!!

We are worthy of your help in many ways. The Mission Holder, Sadiq Abubakar, a Solo 1 completion, has been at this since the late ’90s and we’ve not given up, we keep pushing, we keep planning, we keep training! I personally have been working at the for the last 7 years of my life, having resigned a gainful Government employment. We are a stable dissemination point for Scientology in the northern African hemisphere. Realize that we’re the biggest thing waiting to happen to Scientology expansion. Nigeria is the most populated independent black nation on the face of the Earth! There are over 170 million Nigerians living in Nigeria alone!

To reach me so as to work out how you could help, please drop me an inbox message or email me at or call me on +234 805 246 6626. Please, note that your donation will not be tax-deductible.

Thank you.

3 thoughts on “Lagos, Nigeria Mission Needs a Starter Package

    • Mr. Adeniyi-Omoakin seems like a perfectly legitimate, honest, and well meaning gentleman. He would do well to avoid those in RTC preaching the Gospel of Prosperity, where the only one who gets rich sits at the top of the ARC triangle.

      Remember the founder’s maxim, “If you wanna get rich, start a religion”.


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