Scientology Fashion Show At Fort Harrison

Scientology hosted a charity fashion show yesterday at the Fort Harrison Hotel in Clearwater, Florida.

Charity Fashion Show to benefit the Sheriff’s Youth Ranches and Nourish to Flourish – a charity that feeds kids who otherwise don’t eat on the weekend, and Winter Wonderland. Tickets are $25 and $35.

Scientology Fundraiser – Women Empowering Our Community

Scientology will host a fundraiser at the Fort Harrison Hotel in Clearwagter, Florida on September 26th “Women Empowering Our Community” for the non-profit groups Mothers of Minors, My Hope Chest and PACE Believing in Girls. Mothers of Minors assists single mothers with addiction and housing issues, My Hope Chest assists women who cannot afford breast reconstruction surgery, and PACE works with female juvenile offenders to reduce recidivism.

Help Wanted – East Grinstead England

My husband, 2 yr old son and I live in East Grinstead, UK. We are looking for an au pair (live in nanny).

Our son is super theta, up tone and with great comm. And very active! My husband is a Class V auditor, is zooming up his Grades and a long term staff member. I am OT V and have worked previously 10 years on staff.

We need someone to live with us so they can look after our son 5 evenings a week. My husband is on staff in London Fdn and I am will be starting on staff there soon. We need an uptone Scientologist to come and stay with us. You can study at the beautiful new Ideal Saint Hill (will be VERY soon). You will have most mornings, afternoons (til 4pm) and weekends free. We will give you board and food and a weekly wage.

We want someone to start asap! If you, or anyone you know, is a prospect then please message me.

Human Rights Event For School Children At Stevens Creek Scientology Org

The Stevens Creek Scientology Org in San Jose, California will be hosting an open house on September 21st with the theme Know Your Rights! The event is on a Monday from 10 am to 8 pm, with a special presentation What Are Human Rights at 2:00 pm for school children. We believe most school children will be in school at 2 pm, and not available to view films or videos from the Scientology front group United for Human Rights.

Interactive Media Displays available all day. Films and videos. Tours of the organization.

Quebec City Briefing On Ritalin

The Quebec City Org will be hosting an open house on October 10th featuring Jean Dury on the topic of Ritalin prescriptions for children. Dury is a lawyer who is known for unsuccessfully defending Scientology’s Narconon Trois-Rivieres facility when it was closed by officials due to lack of medical supervision and having no scientific basis for their drug rehab methods.

Education Conference
What are your rights as a parent in dealing with the mental health of your child?
Are you obliged to take Ritalin once diagnosed?
How can you cope with academic pressure to medicate your child?

Minor Incidents On The Time Track

Minor Incidents on the Time Track collects Scientology completions and awards to benefit researchers and those who may be disconnected from family members or friends.

Barbora Hartmannova has received a commendation for her work promoting the WISE consulting company Performia in the country of Slovakia. Performia promotes using Scientology techniques to manage companies.

Ekatarina Eremenko has graduated from Narconon Standard, near Moscow.

Ed Fleetwood has completed the Purification Rundown at the Birmingham, England org.

Patrick Clouden has completed the Cause Resurgence Rundown at Flag Land Base in Clearwater, Florida.

Chan Yan Leung has completed the How to Achieve Self-Confidence course at the Taipei, Taiwan mission.

Wang Chiao-Chu has attested to Clear at the Kaohsiung Ideal Org.

To have your photo included in Minor Incidents On The Time Track, email your photo, name, and org or mission to

Celebrity Narconon Ojai Opens in California

We have photos from Sunday’s grand opening of Narconon Ojai, which is a Narconon for celebrities in the former home of actor Larry Hagman in California. Above (left to right) Sue Birkenshaw and Bobby Wiggins, formerly of Narconon International and now wearing staff uniforms. Kathy Dion, Executive Director of Narconon Ojai, actress Kelly Preston, and the new Executive Director of ABLE (name unknown).

Scientology Fighting Against 21st Century Cures

On September 19th the Tampa Ideal Org will host a briefing by Dr. Linda Lageman from the National Affairs Office in Washington, DC. Dr. Lageman is a Ph.D., not a medical doctor, and has worked with the Citizen’s Commission on Human Rights (CCHR) to oppose Psychiatric medicine.

Dr. Lageman is a former Psychologist for 23 years. Her work is featured in this year’s Maiden Voyage III event. It is because of her actions that we have one of the biggest wins on the CCHR front that is saving thousands of children. She will be coming straight from meetings on Capitol Hill and will share with you what we are doing on the national level to derail Psychiatry.

The legislation that Scientology opposes is the 21st Century Cures act, which passed the House of Representatives on July 10th with a large majority of both parties. It directs several agencies that deal with medical research to streamline the process of approving new pharmaceuticals and medical devices so that patients have access to them faster, and establishes the Council for 21st Century Cures, a non-profit that will focus on accelerating access to new discoveries. If Dr. Lageman has any meetings scheduled on Capitol Hill, they would be with members of the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions.

This is the second briefing we have seen on this subject. In the first event in Seattle, Scientologists were warned that this bill

Has the purpose of making it very easy for Big Pharma and Psychs to get new drugs, ECT, brain implants and other “treatments” approved by the FDA and into use rapidly by effectively eliminating the need for any trials or tests to demonstrate effectiveness.

Supporters of the bill say it will help patients with rare diseases, and help new discoveries reach patients sooner. Opponents say the bill compromises patient health by allowing treatments to reach patients without sufficient study.