Up For Auction – Golden Basics Books

Up for auction on Ebay is a set of “the basics,” which are a series of books by L. Ron Hubbard that have been promoted as a set in recent years. This numbered edition is manufactured with 23K gold, is designed as a luxury set and also as an investment. The opening price is $1,000, but we think the Scientologist who purchased the set paid much more than that. Collectors editions and special releases are never good investments, and it can be difficult to get any money back if a Scientologist wants to cash out.

This is number 19 of a special limited edition of 25.

This book is an exact duplicate of the archival books used to preserve all the written materials of the technologies of Dianetics and Scientology in an indelible printed form.

Technical Specifications:

Paper: LRH Archival Bookpaper
– 100% acid-free
– 97% long cotton fibers
– 3% linen fibers
– Calcium carbonate buffer

Ink: Custom formulated non-fading ink
– linseed oil and tung oil
– non-fading pigments

Book Cloth: Irish linen book cloth
Book boards: Lignan-free, nonacidic
Binding: Handmade book covers & boxes
Labels: 23K gold

One thought on “Up For Auction – Golden Basics Books

  1. Absolutely fascinating. At least Miscavige is keeping up the appearance of having all the answers by pretending post-apocalyptic people will be dying to read Hubbard’s 1950s improvisations.


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