Washburn Academy Learns Admin Tech

Washburn Academy is a Scientology-run school in Clearwater, Florida. Last week students learned a lesson on the Scientology theory of “exchange.” We’re told by our sources that this is not a part of Study Tech that forms the core of the school’s curriculum, but rather is drawn from the Organization Executive Course (OEC), or “green volumes” that make up part of the scriptures of Scientology.

In this class, Chris Blackerby taught the High School students about the four conditions of exchange; criminal exchange, partial exchange, fair exchange and exchange in abundance. Each student was given a dollar and had the opportunity to buy a “mystery” bag. Each of the bags contained items that were one of the four conditions of exchange. In this way, Chris was able to demonstrate the four conditions of exchange quite vividly for the students.

For their $1 purchase some students received a can of cat food, others a package of markers, a rubber band, a soda cap, or over $20 cash.

One thought on “Washburn Academy Learns Admin Tech

  1. Scientology operates on the principal of you giving them $20 until you can give them $200, then $2,000 beofre you give them $20,000….until you can give them $200,000 before your meat body gives out or you can make like a whale and give them $2,000,000.

    What you receive in return can be found for free on the internet.


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