Help Wanted – Vice President of Establishment – New Castle, Delaware

Vice President of Establishment needed! – Delaware
261 Quigley Blvd. Suite 10
NEW CASTLE, Delaware 19720

Expanding fast – Looking for dedicated, expansion-driven


The company:

Francis Enterprises owns the Cloud Nine Sheepskin®, RJ’s Ruzzies and Simply Natural Brands. Our company was first founded in 1997. We first started retailing sheepskin footwear and accessories in 2001. There were 3 retail locations that first year. From there it expanded to 17 retail locations and also several hundred wholesale customers. Alpaca garments were added as a new line to sell in 2008 and alpaca sweaters, jackets, and accessories are now a major part of the company and are being sold both on a retail and wholesale basis.

The company retails and wholesales sheepskin and alpaca products. We have our own seasonal locations that sell our products (mostly in Northeast US) and we also sell the products to other stores throughout the country. We specialize in sheepskin shoes, slippers and accessories and alpaca sweaters, jackets and accessories. We provide unique natural products that help to improve people’s quality of living. We oversee the manufacturing of our products and import and warehouse the products as well.

Your mission:

You will hire the right personnel needed for the company to expand and ensure they get properly put on the job and functioning. This is a vital position for the company to expand. Over the next 3-5 years it will determine whether or not the company can meet its goals and objectives.

The biggest challenge is to find the right people with the right motivation to do each job as we need dedicated people who care about what they do and don’t treat what they do as a job only.

What are the precise performance/results expectations?

– Productive staff who contribute to a successful organization.
– A well run organization with statistics used and conditions applied.

Specifically, you will need to:

1) Attract/hire the right employees who can adequately perform the tasks necessary for each job.
2) Get the hats properly written up for each post and the person grooved in and functioning on that post.
3) Handle all the phone calls into the company professionally and to get them routed to where they belong so they can be properly handled.
4) Handle all written communications into and out of the company so that they get properly handled in a timely manner.
5) Monitor the condition of each employee to ensure they are operating on the right condition.
6) Monitor the security of the office to ensure that it safe from burglary.
7) Handle with ethics any employee who exhibits counter or other intentions to the company’s well being and either gets them back on post and producing or let’s get them in a proper manner with no legal repercussions.

Required personality and behavioral characteristics:

We are looking for an ethical individual with strong ability to communicate easily with others. You must be dedicated and take pride in who you work for. You are loyal and you protect the organization.

Desired qualifications:

You ideally have some basic HCO/Establishment experience. You are trained with the Hubbard Management System and you can help others implement its concepts. You are dynamic and ambitious! And you must be a real team player – with a strong ability to inspire and drive others.

You ideally have some background in HR.

Offered salary & other compensations:

We offer a starting salary of up to $70,000, including performance-based bonuses – depending on your experience and product record.

IMPORTANT: When you send your resume, you will receive a full company profile and a complete job description.

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