Help Wanted – Customer Service Coordinator – Chatsworth, CA


We are a WISE member company located in Chatsworth, CA, that services the legal community with video services across the United States and around the world.

We are looking for someone to interact with our nationwide clients, providing them with impeccable customer service by handling their nationwide video requirements and the day to day needs and specifications of each of their jobs.

Contact Name: Alexandria Russo
Contact Phone: 818-831-9664
Contact Fax: 818-831-9664

The ideal candidate would have experience and knowledge in the field of depositions, court reporting and video; but more importantly, the candidate would be someone who can think on their feet; make fast decisions; solve problems quickly; be very observant, and also highly efficient. We need a fast learner who can quickly absorb the data and handle the many varying aspects of this position.

Key duties:

– Matching up the correct vendor to the client’s job requirements
– Monitoring the progress and changes of each job
– Provide high-quality customer service, resulting in increased jobs from clients
– Generating job orders, and sending them off to vendors with correct paperwork/specifications
– Locating new vendors as needed to fulfill a client’s specific request
– Ability to handle some of the manning of our emergency after-hours service line

Key requirements:

– Good typing skills
– Good computer skills
– Good phone and communication skills
– Knowledge of Hubbard Administrative Technology (Conditions Formulas; Daily and Weekly Battle Plans; Statistic Analysis, etc.)
– Has home computer and Internet service (PC with Win 7 or later, or MAC with OS X 10.5 or higher)
– References which show a proven track record of production with previous employers
– Strong client service viewpoint
– Excellent work ethic and a strong team member
– Observant and detail-oriented
– Ability to multi-task
– Stays calm during moments of pressure and stress

Typical starting salary range from $25 to $35/hour, but negotiable based upon experience, training and qualifications. Commissions.

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