Scientology Hosts Peace Day Concert In Nashville

The Nashville Scientology Org is sponsoring a concert to celebrate Peace Day. The promotional flyer does not mention the word “Scientology” but rather the logo of the Scientology front group Youth For Human Rights. International Peace Day was established by the United Nations in 1961, and urges countries to refrain from hostilities, and to pursue peaceful resolution to conflict.

Scientology has largely adopted the UN calendar of official days related to peace and human rights as its own. The concert is being held on September 21st at the Pavilion East, a small open sided structure that can hold a few hundred people. The Pavilion is the traditional home of the East Nashville Chicken Chase and the Day of the Dead Tequila Festival.

Performing will be Melanie Safka, a Scientologist best known for the 1971 song Brand New Key, which was featured in the movies Boogie Nights and Jackass 3D. Sharing the stage with her will be Nashville R&B artist T-Ran Gilbert, Joseph Bell (also known as Jobel), and music producer Jon Statham.

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