Scientology Against Brain Implants

The Seattle Ideal Org is hosting an event on August 29th to oppose a bill in the U.S. Congress that they claim will eliminate the need for clinical trials for new drugs or brain implants.

Join us on Saturday, 29 August at the Seattle Ideal Org for one of our most important IAS events ever. You will be briefed on a bill recently passed by the US House of Representatives that has the purpose of making it very easy for Big Pharma and Psychs to get new drugs, ECT, brain implants and other “treatments” approved by the FDA and into use rapidly by effectively eliminating the need for any trials or tests to demonstrate effectiveness. The bill goes to the Senate soon for approval and now is the time for all Scientologists to stand together and stop it. Special guest Jackson Wyan from the IAS will be here to brief us and there will be a light dinner at 6PM followed by the event at 7PM…this is one event not to miss. Tell your friends, bring your posse and we will see you here at the org on Saturday the 29th of August.

We believe the bill is H.R. 6, the 21st Century Cures Act, which passed the House on July 10th, had 230 co-sponsors, and has been referred to committee in the Senate. The act has supporters, who say drugs can come to market sooner with the use of adaptive trials, and detractors who claim patient safety is being sacrificed by using more case studies and fewer randomized trials in the approval process.

One of Scientology’s goals is literally a drug-free world. Not just illegal or recreational drugs, but all medical drugs should be eliminated from society as well. Nobody except Scientology is worried that this Act would lead to abuse of brain implants, which are used to treat epilepsy, Parkinson’s Disease, and depression. Implants in Scientology can mean devices in the brain, or it can mean implanted memories that should be removed in the auditing process during the OT levels.

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