Battle Of Portland 1985

Up for auction on Ebay is a 45 single published by Bridge Publications, a subsidiary of Scientology. We don’t know the A-side, a song entitled Hey, Bud Clark, but we’re sure it relates to the B-side, entitled Battle Of Portland 1985, a song commemorating the protests by Scientologists in Portland during the case of Julie Christofferson Titchbourne, who won and then lost a $39 million judgment against the church.

The video below contains the song Battle Of Portland 1985, as well as televised coverage of various religious figures supporting the Scientology cause. We wonder what happened to them all. The song is performed by Scientologist Jon Batson.

2 thoughts on “Battle Of Portland 1985

  1. “I’m not too clear on the details.”

    “Don’t you worry your head about that. Scientology will do that for you. We just need you to be on our side.”

    This is so bizarre. Religious freedom, huh?!? How stupid is that!!!


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