Learn Why Our Founder Loved Puerto Rico

The Fort Harrison Hotel in Clearwater, Florida is hosting a Carribean night of food and dancing on September 19th. General seating is $75 per person or $500 for a table. VIP seating is $150 per seat, or $1,000 per table. The event promises to explain why L. Ron Hubbard loved Puerto Rico, a reference to his references in the book Mission Into Time to the West Indies Minerals Survey, of which there is no record with the US Geological Survey or the Puerto Rican Department of Natural Resources. It has been speculated that Hubbard was simply panning for gold and there was no survey conducted.

2 thoughts on “Learn Why Our Founder Loved Puerto Rico

  1. Wouldn’t this be a celebration of Elron’s very first attempt at a large scale scam? As we recollect, his class mates at GWU were none too happy with him after this trip.

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