Scientology Welcomes US Congressman David Jolly

Scientology will host a concert celebrating the 100th Anniversary of the City of Clearwater, Florida on August 29th in the Fort Harrison Hotel. U.S. Congressman David Jolly is the guest of honor, along with actress and Scientologist Anne Archer, and Scientologists Chick Corea and Jim Meskimen.

There will be appearances by Congressman David Jolly, 20-time Grammy winner Chick Corea, famed impressionist Jim Meskimen, and more. There is no cost to attend! A section will be reserved for downtown neighbors.

7 thoughts on “Scientology Welcomes US Congressman David Jolly

  1. Hope we get a correspondent in to witness the affair. I wonder if it will have the usual security of a major Scilon event or a more low key security presence.


    • I think we would see some jazz music, some comedic impressions, and a few nice words about how Clearwater is 100. I think the Scientology content will be low.


      • Well at least they’ll be getting first-rate comedy from Jim Meskimen. Some of Jim’s impressions are so dead-on — he could probably do Morgan Freeman’s voiceovers long after Morgan has left the planet.


  2. Jolly wasting no time, now running for the Senate. Would like to see his campaign contributors list. Might be interesting to check against scientology whales list.


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