Health Office of Hsin-Chu City Welcomes Scientology – Narconon

Scientologists will be holding a seminar on drug addiction at the Health Office of Hsin-Chu City, Taiwan on August 22nd to promote the Narconon drug rehabilitation program. Translation by Google:

First, since the edge: In view of the emerging drug problem on campus, age drug use decreased, so many families do not know how to teach and accompany the child away from the temptation of drugs. Drugs and drug addiction great for families serious injury. The unit is actively assisting addicts kick the habit, specially organized a series of study seminars, provide family members an effective detoxification methods, and has the expertise and skills, to enhance drug addicts motivation and sustainability.

Second, the goal: to encourage families to come forward bravely, through the support of social organizations and stakeholders with support, knowledge and professional skills acquisition right drug drug addicts can actually assist in their lives through withdrawal symptoms, and then resume family harmony. Also enhance the stability of families, so that family members can accompany long-term addicts, have the ability to return to normal life.

If you are interested in this workshop, a very welcome your registration, during the entire event will be the identity of persons involved in secret!

Sponsors: The Republic of China Education Association for the Promotion of new life, Hsinchu Narcotics Hazard Control Center, Narconon New Life Education Center

Duration: August 22, 2015 (f) 9:00 – 17:10
August 23, 2015 9:00 – 12:00

Course Location: Hsinchu City health welfare building 7F conference room first

Apply to: the families of drug addicts and anti-drug volunteer personnel related fields

Registration: Open enrollment, full free (lunch need themselves), limited to 30 people, the amount of full Deadline

LINE registration ID account: narconon

Online registration form:

If you are willing to participate in this event, please August 21, 2015 to complete the registration action. Look forward to your participation here.

If you still do not know the part of the activities, please call us!
Contact Person: Lin Ying core Tel: 03-8671369 Fax: 03-8671147

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