Bridge Enlightenment Seminar – Leichhardt Australia

The Leichhard Scientology mission is located in a suburb of Sydney, Australia. On August 22nd they will host a Bridge Enlightenment Seminar with guest Andrew Rinder. Rinder is the brother of former Scientologist Mike Rinder, and participated extensively in efforts to discredit his brother. In one incident Andrew and Scientology private investigators ambushed Mike and his family at a doctor’s office.

The seminar will be followed by a Sausage Sizzle, a traditional Australian picnic, in which sausages are grilled and served on sliced white bread, with tomato sauce and mustard on the side.

Seminar with Andrew Rinder: What is the Bridge in Scientology?

What does each step of the Bridge mean for you and those you want to help?

What is the reactive mind and how is it handled as you go up the Bridge?
Date: Saturday 22nd August 2015 Time: 3:15 – 5:30 PM
$10 Sausage Sizzle to follow

Andrew is a phenomenal speaker and is coming specially from Melbourne to give this Bridge Enlightenment seminar. It will be well worth attending no matter where you are on The Bridge.

Whether you attend as an FSM, in order to help others with their Bridge progress or for your own enlightenment, you will enjoy this special seminar.

Andrew is an OT8 and a Superpower Completion.
Not to be missed – this will inspire you!

Address: 79 Renwick Street
Leichhardt NSW 2040
Phone: 02 9518 3442

One thought on “Bridge Enlightenment Seminar – Leichhardt Australia

  1. Disconnect from your brother then ambush him outside his new wife’s doctor’s office…the things people do for LRH…smh

    -Scientology: Turning sane people crazy since 1950.


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