Eliminating The Psych Influence In New York

Tonight the New York Org will host a special presentation by Humberto Fontana, a member of the Office of Special Affairs (OSA) International, and a Sea Org member. OSA are the secret police of Scientology, and Fontana is in the Public Relations section of the Department. He will be speaking on the “fourth dynamic” campaigns of Scientology, such as the Foundation for a Drug-Free World, CCHR, Criminon, The Way to Happiness, Youth for Human Rights and Scientology Volunteer Ministers.

The flyer describes how these organizations are viewed within Scientology, rather than the public relations spin usually given to the media and general public. The purpose of the groups is to disseminate Scientology, and “safepoint” which is a policy to build allies in the non-Scientology community that will keep Scientology safe from attack.

Come join us for an exclusive briefing on how we eliminate the psych influence and suppression imposed by big Pharmaceutical companies here in the heart of New York.

WORKSHOP: During the briefing Mr. Fontana is also going to deliver a workshop on our 4th dynamic campaigns so you can use them to disseminate, safepoint and help create sanity starting right here in New York and in Harlem – our next upcoming Ideal Org. This is all part of our movement to Unite for a Clear NY, and you, your family and friends all need to be there.


One thought on “Eliminating The Psych Influence In New York

  1. i EVEN received a voice mail for this!!!! I have been declared for over 10 years now! DESPERATE MUCH? I am too absorbed with looking for my lost kitty at the moment


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