The Vancouver Org Has Been Vandalized

The Scientology Org in Vancouver, British Columbia has been vandalized. The words are from a song entitled Ænema by the California Metal band Tool. The lyrics are:

Fuck L. Ron Hubbard and Fuck all his clones.

If this is illegal, then SecCheck does not support vandalism of Scientology properties.

The Vancouver Org, however, sits in a semi-official graffiti zone. The city and neighborhood groups promote graffiti artists as a draw for tourists. The back of the Scientology building was home to a mural entitled “Freedom,” which has been largely painted over since this photo was taken.


4 thoughts on “The Vancouver Org Has Been Vandalized

  1. As we all know, LRH had a very special affinity for artists. Therefore, I am sure he would view this artwork appreciatively.

    What can you say except the sentiment is beautifully expressed? While the message appears hurriedly done, it does effectively use the entire space, which winds up providing a very clear message.

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  2. I don’t believe in vandalizing Scientology. I don’t think people should call a pizza place and order them 10 pizzas without paying, either. There are a whole range of bad behaviors that people shouldn’t do to Scientology. Fight the good fight, not the bad fight.

    However. This is an accepted practice in this area. The urine-soaked alley behind the org is a semi-official, semi-protected outdoor graffiti museum. The accepted practice in this neighborhood is to just paint over graffiti you don’t like. So my feeling is to not advocate for graffiti, but not to condemn the artist in this case either. Just understand that Vancouver is not like Clearwater or Los Angeles, and what might be artistic expression in one is criminal in the others.

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