24.5 Hours On Op Pro By Dup – A Success Story

Victoria Falslev‎ is on the Survival Rundown, a lengthy series of “Objective Processes,” including one called Op Pro By Dup, or Operating Procedure by Duplication. The nickname is “book and bottle.” Former Scientologist Jesse Prince described his 1978 experience with the procedure while he was in the Sea Org.

The exact procedure for Op Pro by Dup is to have two tables about 10 feet away from each other. The auditor places a book on one table and a bottle – like a Coke bottle or whatever — on the other. The auditor and preclear stand close to each other and the auditor gives commands to the preclear. The commands, as I recall them, are:

“Look at that book. Good. Walk over to that book. Good. Pick it up. Good. What is its color? Good. What is its weight? Good. What is its temperature? Good. Put the book down in the exact same place. Good. Look at that bottle. Good. Walk over to it. Good. Pick it up. Good. What is its color? Good. What is its weight? Good. What is its temperature? Good. Put it down in exactly the same place.”

This is done over and over. The commands are enforced by the auditor, even if the auditor has to drag the preclear’s unconscious body back and forth making him execute the commands. On the RPF, everybody had to do this Op Pro by Dup for a minimum of 25 hours. This is done to condition the preclear to accept control, with or without the pre-clear’s cooperation.

Falslev‎ describes her current experience at the Salt Lake City org with the procedure in this Success Story, and it turns out that her 24.5 hours of book and bottle are almost exactly the same as the 1978 version of 25 hours.

I just finished Op Pro by Dup on the SRD. First day we spent almost 4 hours, 2nd day 8 hours, 3rd day 5 hours, 4th day almost 5 hours and 5th day 2 ½ hours and finished… We didn’t piddle, we were constantly back and forth on this and yes, body Q and A came in, but I wasn’t going to let that stop me.

I got a great win on the 4th day I saw the future as an OT and then I received complete duplication of everything around me. I was in a chaotic competitive mood while doing this process and I didn’t like anyone in my space with the other SRD twinships. Well, no more, I totally was able to take ownership of my space and no one tried to enter my space, but I was totally willing for them to enter if they liked; OH MY GOD!!!!!! Since when does that happen?!

The 5th day I still had the duplication and I got hit with such a huge exhilaration that my body couldn’t handle it. My body was only at Strong Interest on the tone scale. My heart was racing, I had a hard time controlling my body, but I knew I had to keep going to get it flat and stable.

So I kept going and then I realized the exhilaration was the future that I got for a half of a split second while on the purif over 19 years ago. Once I realized that, I got hit hard and my heart was still racing, so I continued just a bit and then I really got hit, the emotion poured out of me and I realized it was a comm lag from 19 years ago and I finally got my answer! OH MY GOD AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!

Talk about being exterior and in PT! I went to the examiner and the emotion poured out again and I got such a deep appreciation for Ron that I couldn’t explain! What he has done is beyond words to me and I do appreciate him so so very much!!!!!

I also realized that I missed the SRD that should have been delivered 19 years ago instead of just objectives, because I did all of those and WOW, to finally get an answer! I have been listening to the Unification Congress while on the process and that helped so much. I have listened to those lectures so many times and I always loved them and now… thank you Ron!!!!!! I have been looking for an answer to that future for so long and I knew I would know it when I hit it and now I am here and I feel my SRD is complete!!!!!!

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