International Music Convention On Freewinds

The Freewinds will host a convention of musicians on September 1st-10th to offer advice about how to promote their musical careers using Scientology. The 10-day package costs $1,945.

Key LRH stable data to help you expand and achieve success as a musician. How to apply the LRH formula for expansion to create the career you want. Do a drill written by LRH which gives you the precise steps to do a full analysis of your life.

Contrary to the claims in the brochure, Duncan Lorien is not a well-known composer. He’s a music teacher, and teaches beginners how to learn music using his invention – the Lorien Chord System.

Aleena Gibson is not a multi-plantinum composer or musician. She wrote several songs that were performed in the Swedish Eurovision competition from 2000-2015.

Tony Rockliff created Cybertown, an Internet virtual reality game much like SimCity, which operated from 2000-2012. He presents Internet marketing seminars aimed at musicians.

Mike Schuppan is a studio engineer and has worked as the bass tech for Justin Meldal-Johnsen of Nine Inch Nails.


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