Reader Mail

Dear SecCheck,

Thx for the info on the Tokyo Ideal Org opening. Are there any after that?

A: Yes, the Harlem Ideal Org is scheduled to open September 19th, and it’s a Nation of Islam Org similar to Inglewood. Atlanta is under construction, and they are scheduled for November, but that date could slip. Saint Hill opened a new Ideal CLO recently, but we expect that Saint Hill itself will have a ceremony to re-open as an Ideal Advanced Org. The Manor and Castle are both being renovated, and we think there are some new structures on the property.

We see that Author Services in Hollywood has had extensive renovations, but we’ve never heard of an Ideal Org like that, so we doubt there will be a ribbon cutting ceremony there. Miami and Valley orgs have raised a lot of money for renovations, but we won’t believe it until construction starts. Look for Salt Lake City to beat both of them, since their building is in better shape and will require less renos money.

Dear SecCheck,

Youre wrong about not making Clears. This is a new Clear, so you are wrong.

A: You’re talking about this article about all CCRD Auditors being recalled to Flag for retraining. The photo you sent us is from 2014 at the South Coast Mission in California. We haven’t seen any photos of Clear attestations recently, and we stand by the story.

Dear SecCheck,

Why don’t you worry about important things, like getting the IRS Tax Exemption overturned?

A: If we had news about Scientology and the IRS, we would probably publish it. But the IRS only affects Scientology in the U.S. Scientology has a large presence in three other countries, which are driving expansion into neighboring regions. Scientology in Mexico, and Hispanics from Los Angeles, are driving expansion in Central and South America, such as the Colombia Ideal Org. Scientology in Russia is driving new missions and WISE chapters in Ukraine, Latvia, and other countries with Russian speaking populations. Taiwan is driving expansion in Japan, such as the new Tokyo Ideal Org, run almost entirely by the Taiwanese. We think these are important, and basically independent of any IRS decisions. We like to think globally.

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One thought on “Reader Mail

  1. As a devotee of the column we appreciate your measured, thoughtful, nothing but the facts approach. With Scientology, turning the light on and showing the facts is sufficient sans editorialization.

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