Poolside Personality Tests In Slovakia

Levice, Slovakia is home to the Levice Scientology Mission, but also to the Margita-Ilona thermal pools, which are heated to 25˚C and filled with mineral enriched water as a spa treatment for aching muscles. The Margita spa area also provides facilities for volleyball, ping-pong, playgrounds and swings, and this week for Scientology personality tests.

The Oxford Capacity Analysis test is used by Scientology around the world as a recruiting tool. Regardless of the answers to a series of bizarre questions about train timetables and whether “prisons without bars” are a good idea, there is always an area of the test taker’s personality that a recruiter can point to as in need of improvement. Scientology is always the answer to that deficiency.

The test has nothing to do with Oxford University, or any other Oxford, but the Scientologists in Levice are promoting it as having something to do with Albert Einstein. They do not appear to be telling the test takers that they will be contacted by Scientology with the results of the test.


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